Passion for horses

form born of the love and passion for Andalusian culture and traditions of its owner, Don Sergio Ramos García. Growing up with his family and ever since his childhood, he dreamt of having his own farm and it has become a reality, investing resources, ambition and effort and putting together the best team of professionals. Our passion knows no bounds. We seek the best, most beautiful and functional horses with the most graceful movements.


Surrounded and advised by professionals, the basis of the horse breeding operations is a group of mares boasting prestigious genes, with size, volume, good faces, and faithful to our philosophy of defending “the breed” above all.


As stallion we chose Yucatán de Ramos, World Champion 2018.


Pura Raza Española (Spanish Purebred) is the official name for the Spanish equine breed historically and internationally known as the “Andalusian horse”. The nomenclature dates back to 1912, coming from the English phrase “purebred” or “pure breed”. The Spanish Army’s Cría Caballar (Horse Breeding Division) opened the first book for the registry of Arab breeds, pure English and Anglo-Arabian horses in Spain, deciding to register the horses traditionally called “Andalusian horses” as “Pura Raza Española”, later abbreviated to “PRE”, the official designation received by a specific equine breed, in which each of the specimens that form part of it presents a set of common characteristics.

The National Spanish Purebred Horse Breeders’ Association (ANCCE as per the Spanish) is the institution that represents the PRE at international level, PRE breeders from all over the world and numerous national and international breeders’ organizations.

The PRE is a balanced and resilient horse, energetic, noble and docile, and easily adapts to various functions and situations. It is an animal that responds well to the needs of the rider, with a pleasant mouth, making it obedient and giving it a great capacity for learning.
In short, it is a horse that stands out for its versatility as a result of the combination of its mental stability, its shapely harmony, intelligence and work ethic.

The gait of the Pura Raza Española is quite notable, moving with great ease, strength and elegance. This breed, in general, and in the opinion of most horsemen and women, is one of the finest to parade at exhibitions shows and even on film. Spanish and Andalusian horses are noble and hard-working. Most have a wonderful temperament for children and are perfect for those looking for a Spanish Purebred with courage, control and elegance. The Spanish or Andalusian Purebred is the most well known in many parts of the world and is one of the very finest.



Proportionate, of medium length and sub-convex to straight front-nasal profile; medium ears, very mobile, well joined and parallel; slight forehead and discreetly convex, lively eyes, triangular and expressive look.


Of medium size and length, slightly arched and muscular (in mares, to a lesser extent), well joined at the head and torso and with an abundant, silky mane.


Proportionate and robust, with discreetly wide and prominent withers and a consistent, muscular back. The loin should be wide, short, equally muscular, slightly arched and well joined to the back and rump.


Of medium length and width, rounded and slightly sloping. Low-born tail and clinging between ischium, populated with abundant, long and often wavy bristles.


Long back, muscular, oblique and elastic. Strong and well inclined upper leg. Powerful lower leg, medium length. Well-developed and slender knee.


Muscular thigh, slightly arched and muscular buttock and long leg. Strong, broad and distinct hock.


Agile, high, extensive, harmonious and cadenced movements. Special predisposition for engagement and the turns on the haunches.