The 44-hectare estate has modern and functional facilities which ensure the well-being of the animals. It boasts 40 stables for the animals, 9 pens, 1 rectangular covered riding arena, 3 outdoor courts, 2 round riding arenas and 1 walker for daily exercise of the animals.
Works have been carried out to adapt the facilities for the breeding of the PRE. We have different areas for the breeding of foals and their mothers in partial freedom.

The herd of males have 6 spacious, 12m2 stables, each of them very modern and fully equipped. These stables are where males over 3 are found.

The mares’ stables serve a dual function of being stables and birthing places. They have a larger surface area than the stables for males, as each stable is more than 16m2 and has a feeding trough, forage trough, special trough for vitamins and fully automated drinking troughs.
In total, the estate has 40 stables and 9 pens.